[Music | Spotify] Add songs to queue / View queue

I would love to see a feature, adding songs to a queue and viewing/editing the queue. Because currently it's very annoying searching for a song and waiting for the currently playing to finish, then tapping it. If you use another app, you have to search again and so on and so on... This is a small vibe killer.


Current workaround for this feature:

However, it is possible to use the Spotify App on a mobile phone to add songs to a queue since the Tesla is just a Spotify Connect device. The songs in the queue will be played in the Tesla.


How this feature could be implemented:

This could be realized by swiping from right to left (like in the Spotify iOS App) or via a menu that opens while long pressing.

And if there's a feature to queue songs, logically, there should also be a feature to edit the queue, like rearranging and deleting songs 


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