Improve Traffic Signs Recognition to Recognice additional signs

R.Reg - Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - 5:51 pm

Since last update my car can recognize speed-limit-signs, which makes driving better than before, but new problems are showing up:

(1) car cannot distinguish between the end of a speed-limit or the end of other restrictions (forbidden to overtake, end of parking-zone, ...)

(2) car cannot identify additional information to speed-limit signs like "only when street is wet", "only for trucks", "only for tram". The first ones are only annoying, because car sometimes will slow down for no reason and you can adjust speed manually. But last one is really a problem, because at some places in town speed-limit is increased for tram and car will try to go at the speed allowed for tram only. This might cost a lot of money.

(3) When detecting the end of a speed limit (correctly or not), car will change to speed of contry roads even in urban areas. Don't know why, I am sure this shouldn't be that way.

Proposition: Add a button easily to hit during driving to correct wrongly detected speed limits and tell AI to learn from it.