Battery Longevity Mode: A button to enable set of settings that prioritize battery health and longevity.

Battery Longevity Mode

It might use a little more power but cost can be offset increasing the lifespan of the battery.

A button or toggle to enable list of settings that prioritize battery health.

Turning on the battery heater to get it above 50? 55? 60? 65? Fahrenheit  for driving and charging.

optimize navigating to superchargers to keep the car's battery between 20 and 80 percent. 

Short high current discharge after charging help the l-ion metal stay as a useable part of the battery. Japan's research into lion battery life extension. 33% increase

A 110v /220v battery coolant heater( I will make a separate  one for this as well)


Here is a link to a study about methods to increase battery life by 30%. 

TLDR: After charging a L-ion battery a Short High Current Discharge will extend the life of the battery.

This draws in loose L-ion metal ions from the edges back to be a useable part of the battery cathode.


They already have "Range mode". A separate battery coolant heater is not required either, just plug in your charging cord and use the app to heat the car before you go.