AP must do a safety alley in traffic jam / emergency vehicle situations

tc - Sunday, May 22, 2022 - 4:58 am

Regulation (and common sense) requires drivers to establish an emergency lane on highways, so that emergency vehicles can pass to the accident place in traffic jam situations safely and fast.

When driving on the right lane, Autopilot should bias to the right side of the road, when driving on the left line, it should bias to the left side of the road. If there are more than two lanes on highways, different rules apply (check local regulation for correct country specific implementation)

This bias should be increased temp. if a siren of an emergency vehicle (ambulance, police, fire brigade) is detected by the in cabin microphone (siren detection feature) or flashing emergency vehicle lights (blue lights in europe, red/blue lights in US) are detected by the back camera (emergency vehicle detection feature)

This features are required to pass any L3/4/5 certifications anyway, but is already usefull for standard L2+ AP/EAP driving.